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What is Price Parity and Why is it Important?

Parity is a billion dollar revenue problem which remains largely unaddressed across travel industry. As more digital touchpoints continue to emerge and engage with travellers, it becomes imperative for suppliers and demand partners to stay in sync of delivering the right price parity on every channel. The rise of third party sites, unsolicited aggregators and online offers is making it difficult for both the industry and traveller to keep a track of genuine offers.

AirGain industry leading technology helps airlines access rate parity reports and give visibility of airfares across channels. The carriers can adjust rates faster and offer reasonable prices to their customers, keeping up their brand promise.
Post Covid, with increasing fuel costs with volatility and opening of markets and most travel company is trying to make more money. Each partner is focused on attracting of more consumers. This leads to unsolicited discounting and instances of disparity . As airlines fight high cost and try to preserve the margins monitoring parity as never being more important.

Track revenue losses on your most profitable routes

RateGain can track rates across multiple websites easily and is the biggest processor of travel pricing data in the world.

It not only tracks billions of data points it is one of the largest travel pricing data trackers. The capabilities extend to the partnerships with all leading OTA’s and META’s in the world. Therefore we assure airlines to keep a close track on prices across channels easily and save dollars.

Make Sure your No.1 Across All Channels

We know that that every travel search 70% -80% of all travel searches have a mobile phone involved and therefore it is becoming more critical for airlines to rank higher on mobile searches.

How do you make sure that you stay on top of your mobile search? With Rate Parity

Scalable and Easy to use UI

Never lose sight on parity violations across channels by easily capturing rates. Take control of all violations by monitoring rates on an one intuitive screen easily.
Tracking Parity
Price Points per year

In Real-time

Get your Own Parity Report

Go granular with customized parity reports for your airline to stop revenue leakage across all channels today.

These reports are being leveraged by forward looking airlines including one of the world’s largest airline.

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