Set-up and On-boarding Question

Q1. How much time do you take to set up the subscription?

With-in 4 to 6** weeks we deliver the first commercial report post signature of the contract and finalizing the requirements.

Q2. Can I get data in my RMS format?

Yes, we are integrated with all leading RMS solutions in the market.

Q3. Can you deliver data through an API?

Yes, we can deliver data through an API/SFTP/Cloud buckets location. Also we can deliver data in Excel, CSV, XML , JSON or any other format that you may need data in.

Q4. Can I get reports at a specific time before my RMS process time?

Yes, during onboarding we work closely with you and your IT teams to ensure that we deliver the reports exactly when you need it.

Billing Schedule and Pricing Questions

Q5. What is your billing schedule?

Please take input from sales team. – yearly, quarterly.

Data Delivery Questions

Q6. How do you overcome blocking or security challenges that website implements?

We have a dedicated & experienced data acquisition team working with industry best technologies to ensure business continuity in case we find any changes on the sources of data.

Q7. Is there any limitation in processing huge data sets.

No, we have best in the industry technology at play. Scalable Infra, Data Lakes and self-healing data bots ensure that we overcome the bottlenecks of processing data at scale.

Q8. Can I get a consolidated file at the end of the day for all the data collected for me?

Yes, we can consolidate entire data in one file ** and deliver at the end of the day at a location mutually agreed.

Q9. Do you have SLA’s Also?

Yes, we offer best in the industry SLA on data quantity, data sufficiency, on time delivery and application uptime.

Variety of Data Questions

Q10. Can I get data from mobile apps?

Yes, we do a lot of data acquisition from mobile apps (iOS & Android) Both.

Q11. Is there a possibility to map airports also?


Q12. Can I also get data of Bus & Train?

Yes, we can deliver data of Bus and Train also.

Q13. Can I shop multiple LOS in case of RT?

Yes, there is enough flexibility in the system to acquire data on Multiple Length of stay.


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