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Airline Industry

Enhancing Airline Route Planning with Market Manager

Airline pricing and routes require constant monitoring of competitor fares and passenger demand. Manual tracking is slow and inefficient, leading to missed opportunities. AirGain’s Market Manager simplifies this process. With a single dashboard view of multiple routes and classes (O&D pairs), airlines can make quicker, data-driven decisions for optimized pricing and routes.
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Competitive Airline Pricing 
with Fare Segmentation

Airlines need to monitor competitor prices and fare structures across routes and classes to stay competitive and maximize profits. Manually tracking fare components is challenging and can lead to missed opportunities and inefficient pricing. AirGain’s Fare Segmentation feature offers detailed insights into competitor pricing, helping revenue managers make informed decisions and optimize pricing strategies.


Faster Competitor Price Analysis with AirGain’s API

AirGain’s API offers a streamlined solution for airlines to access and integrate competitor pricing data. By automating data collection and transfer, airlines can quickly and securely obtain crucial pricing insights, allowing for more efficient and informed decision-making. This innovative approach enhances the airline’s ability to stay competitive in a fast-paced market.

Enhancing Airline Route Planning with Market Manager


Airlines need to keep track of competitor prices and passenger demand across different routes and classes, but manually tracking is a significant challenge. This leads to missed opportunities and inefficient pricing.

This use case explores how Market Manager, an innovative feature from AirGain, simplifies the process. Market Manager empowers you to analyze multiple Origin & Destination (O&D) pairs from a single dashboard, allowing for quicker and more informed decisions about pricing and routes.

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