Success Story with Croatia Airlines

Success Story with Croatia Airlines AirGain Helps Croatia Airlines Stay Ahead of the Competition with Real-Time Fare Tracking Croatia Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of Croatia and is wholly owned by the Croatian Government. The Airline operates an extensive network within Europe from its base in Zagreb, and has been a member...

Success Story with Singapore Airlines

Success Story with Singapore Airlines The World’s Best and Most Trusted Airline Drives Profitability with AirGain Singapore Airlines, the consecutive winner of the World’s Best Airline for 26 years in a row trusts RateGain to get actionable insights on competitor prices across channels to maintain its leadership position in the dynamic market.Read success story to...

Success Story with Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines Partners with RateGain to Ensure Better Returns with Real-Time Data Read this success story to know how the Belgian national carrier, once struggling with losses turned around and solved its revenue management challenges with AirGain by leveraging Competitive Real-time Data Unlimited On-Demand Reports Market Position Dashboards Download Case Study

Success Story with German Airline

How the German Airline Drove 1.5% additional Direct Booking By using AirGain Download Case Study As an airline Revenue Professional , you have Probably Faced the Challenges of Rate Parity and Data Denial In this case study, you will learn how with the focus of addressing Rate disparity, Airline adopted AirGain & witnessed: Increased Rate...

Success Story with Bangkok Airways

World’s Best Regional Airline Relies on AirGain to Deliver the Best Fares Everyday Bangkok Airways, Five time winner of World’s Best Regional Airline at Skytrax needs access to real-time accurate intelligence to stay on top of competitive and growing market. Read this case study to learn how Bangkok airways is able to build a robust...

Success Story of Deutsche Lufthansa AG (Chinese)

汉莎航空与RateGain的合作,减少收益损失并保持价格一致性 汉莎航空致力于创造给旅客每个段旅途的丰富体验。对汉莎航空来说,保持价格一致性是实现其品牌承诺的必要条件。 汉莎航空的价格一致性计划,帮助它们在竞争激烈的市场中保持了领先地位,并提高了它们在第三方平台上的曝光度。 下载成功案例 阅读这个成功的案例,了解汉莎航空是如何利用AirGain Parity来实现 减少价格不一致性 增加品牌价值 增加消费者的信心

Success Story of One of Asia’s Largest Low-cost Airline

Why One of Asia’s Largest Low-cost Airline Switched to Real-time Data to Drive Growth To drive growth and become a market leader, One of Asia’s fastest-growing airline switched over to AirGain for getting rate intelligence that is accurate, real-time and gives the right picture of the market at any time of the day. Read this...

Success Story of Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Lufthansa Partners With Rategain To Avoid Revenue Loss And Achieve Parity Lufthansa aims to create experiences that enriches every stage of the traveller’s journey. Maintaining Rate Parity on every touchpoint is integral for Lufthansa to deliver on it’s brand promise. Lufthansa’s Rate Parity initiative helped them maintain pole position in a competitive market and improve...

Helping One of India’s Largest Low Cost Airline Drive Profitability

Helping One of India’s Largest Low Cost Airline Drive Profitability Learn how the Airline leveraged the power of real-time intelligence and continued to deliver the best prices to it’s customers.With RateGain, the Airline achieved the following: Real-time pricing from more sources Easy access to on-time reports Improved data sufficiency Improved time to market Download Now


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