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How AirGain added Value to the Partnership

Scaling Operations
Reduced Integration
Reduced Integration Process by 30 Days
Data Performance
Data Performance Gap Analysis
Website Data
Adding New Website Data

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How Tunisair efficiently expanded and optimized operations, leading to a stronger market presence.

β€œThe expertise of the AirGain team was crucial in transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth, demonstrating their capability to navigate the complexities of our industry."
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Marwen Mzoughi
Head of Pricing, TunisAir

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Learn how AirGain's Customer Success Team drove results for Tunisair, resulting in an extension of the annual contract.

AirGain’s account manager and Tunis Air’s implementation team worked closely together to streamline implementation, solve data issues, and train end-users for effective use of AirGain UI.
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Bayram Temimi
Revenue Analyst at Tunisair

The AirGain team's collaboration has been a game-changer in our revenue management approach.

β€œTheir expertise in crafting customized solutions and delivering insightful analytics has greatly enhanced our strategic decision-making. This has led to heightened efficiency and profitability. The dedication and skill of the AirGain team have been pivotal to our growth, equipping us to adeptly handle the commercial aviation market's dynamic nature.”

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