Egypt’s Hybrid National Airline – Air Cairo – chooses AirGain to Increase Market Share and Optimize Pricing Strategies

Egypt, Feb 16, 2023: RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (RateGain), a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, announced today that Air Cairo — Egypt’s second-largest carrier — has selected AirGain to gather essential pricing insights and competitive intelligence data to speed up growth in a constantly evolving market.  

Air Cairo, partly owned by the national carrier Egypt Air, is a hybrid national airline with operations in over 40 cities worldwide, providing more than 300 weekly flights to 50 international and domestic destinations carrying over 20 million passengers in the last twenty years.  

The team at Air Cairo has selected AirGain to obtain real-time price intelligence and the ability to respond promptly to changing market conditions, enabling them to optimize airfares in real-time and offer the best fares to its customers.

With market conditions changing dynamically, AirGain’s AI-powered platform equips airline revenue and pricing teams with the most precise and dependable market insights, enabling them to construct a competitive pricing strategy in light of constantly changing market conditions. The user-friendly interface facilitates quicker decision-making and provides notifications of any changes in the market. Additionally, the platform offers real-time competitor insights across channels to reduce disparities and minimize revenue losses. 

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Hussein Sherif, CEO of Air Cairo, said, “For us to maintain our status as the preferred airline for all travelers, it is essential that we have a thorough understanding of the fares offered to customers on all digital platforms. To aid in this goal, AirGain’s user-friendly interface offers us comprehensive and real-time insights into our market and competition, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and offer the best prices to our customers, ultimately leading to better revenue margins for Air Cairo.”  

Air Cairo has recently updated its fleet with the latest generation of Airbus A320 neo models taking the current Airplane tally to 24 fleets with the aim of having 30 new fleets by March of 2023. The airline currently operates in Europe and the Middle East, Africa, in addition to the Domestic network.

Vinay Varma, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, AirGain added, “We are thrilled to be working with Air Cairo and to expand our presence in the burgeoning African market. We acknowledge that there are substantial opportunities in Africa to implement technologies that can help airlines sustain long-term growth. Air Cairo’s team recognized that AirGain is the ideal platform to address their current challenges and increase their market share in the future, and we eagerly anticipate providing them with the necessary assistance to achieve their goals.” 

AirGain is an easy-to-use and responsive SaaS solution by RateGain, created for commercial teams in airlines to help them make faster and better pricing decisions through its intuitive UI and accurate, real-time price intelligence at any time of the day, any number of times. To learn more about AirGain, visit

About Air Cairo

AIRCAIRO is an EGYPTAIR affiliate, established as joint stock company in 1999, AIRCAIRO started its operations in October 2003, by operating Domestic and International Charter Flights. It currently operates a fleet of 24 aircraft between A320 NEOs, CEOs, ATR 72-600 and E190 and by the end of March 2023 our fleet will be 30 Aircraft.

As of 2012, AIRCAIRO shifted its business model from operating as a Charter Airline to a Hybrid business model with routes concentrated to the Middle East, Europe & domestic destinations. More destinations in Africa, Europe and Middle East will be covered by AIRCAIRO as a part of the expansion plan by the end of year 2023.AIRCAIRO operates short & medium range routes in a single class cabin.

About RateGain

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