Bringing More Speed and Agility to Airline Pricing for the Post-COVID Revenue Manager

In every conversation with a customer, one key conversation we have with them is to understand if AirGain 2.0 made it easier for them to not only test their pricing strategies but also made it faster and agile to make changes to the system.

One challenge we are looking to solve for since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic is to be able to address volatility in the fastest way possible and make it easier for revenue as well as pricing teams to make changes.

Introducing One Click Report Changes

For the first time in the industry, we are addressing a very common problem that can save hours of effort. Most pricing teams struggle with editing multiple records in case of addition of a data set that is common to all reports, having to update every report individually making the task mundane and without any real ROI.

Using the bulk update feature, revenue managers can now save hours of effort and mental peace by updating all reports with a single click. Now adding a new OND or editing an existing departure date across different reports becomes super easy and efficient

The user can simply select the reports they wish to simultaneously update, and then add, edit or delete Origin and Destination (OND), Departure Dates, Channels and Schedule

Post entering the new values or making the corrections to these options as desired, the user will have to press β€˜Update’ for the changes to be updated and reflected on all the reports previously selected by the user.

Combined with the new module for report generation which has been updated for enhanced speeds and usability, bulk update lets you experience flexibility and fine tweaking, unlike any other SaaS.

Ultimately, with the use of Bulk Update, many work-hours can be saved in the long run, leading to better efficiency and better resource optimization

Agile Reporting

Getting faster access to reports and the ability to manage them was a critical requirement of all of our customers. In AirGain 2.0 report generation is now enhanced and provides the users with a seamless and hassle-free experience of acquiring reports by themselves, without the need for intervention by customer success teams.

Report generation has been reworked from the ground up to offer enhanced loading speeds compared to the earlier version, easier ways to create, view, edit, and clone reports as well as methods to bump up the priority of a given report. The stop-pause report feature has also been included in the new report generation module in AirGain 2.0.

The clone reports feature helps in quickly creating another copy of a selected report, which is ideal in cases where there is a need for two similar reports with minor changes or differences.

The bulk update feature as mentioned earlier makes it easy to manage multiple reports in one go, reducing the cumbersome task of manually sieving through countless reports to update or correct a single data entry.

There are no limits on the number of reports a user can generate, and all these reports can be individually customized to the specific needs of the user. These reports can also be sorted and filtered to display exactly what the user needs, without having to manually go through every report that may not be relevant to the specific requirement at a given time.

While these features may not be something unique as compared to other solutions in the market, what differentiates them is the ease of use and reduced dependence on technical assistance for report generation as well as modification. All these features are being offered as a part of the entire AirGain package without additional charges to the user.

An Array of Features to Make Revenue Management Easier

With features like MarketSense and Bulk Update, which are key industry differentiators, the users can experience a solution that is comprehensive in all regards.

Market Sense, which is also integrated into AirGain 2.0, is a customizable module that lets airline revenue managers set up specific rules based on options such as ONDs, departure dates, channels, fares, etc. This would help them get real-time actionable insights and improve their revenue margins.
Data shown in AirGain 2.0 is sourced from over 200 tracked airlines, 50 METAs, 170 OTAs, and 700+ websites to ensure a constant flow of updated information that is readily available for revenue managers and pricing teams to act upon. Newer sources are added regularly after proper verification of the data being acquired.

AirGain 2.0 – What Every RM Needs!

As mentioned earlier, our team at AirGain constantly strives to better the product with each iteration, ensuring that our customers get the best airfare pricing solution currently present in the market.

If you’re not already convinced about the abilities of AirGain 2.0, get in touch with our expert advisors for a free demo of our custom-made solution for the airline industry. A first-hand experience of an airfare pricing intelligence product like no other would help you make an informed choice.

About the Author

Vikram Syal
Vice President – Engineering

In his current role, Vikram Syal leads the Engineering team at RateGain and drives the vision, strategy, and implementation of the integrated systems collaborating with sales, marketing, and other groups to support the ongoing process and customer deliveries.

With an experience of 12+ years in various technological disciplines, he is a core product enthusiast, highly inquisitive, and detail-oriented innovative personnel.

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