How Can New Airlines Thrive the Post- Covid World

The airline sector by itself is challenging, and the pandemic just made it more so. Leading airlines are plagued by steep reductions in occupancy levels, fluctuating demand, and the absence of solid, reliable historical data to back pricing decisions.

Bringing More Speed and Agility to Airline Pricing for the Post-COVID Revenue Manager

In every conversation with a customer, one key conversation we have with them is to understand if AirGain 2.0 made it easier for them to not only test their pricing strategies but also made it faster and agile to make changes to the system.

Airlines Revenue Management Checklist for 2021

At this point, most airlines would have been running to full capacities, raking in profits on almost all routes. However, Covid-19 had other plans for us. The pandemic which struck havoc in late 2019 has left most airlines reeling in debts.


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