Enhancing Airline Route Planning with Market Manager

Streamline the process of tracking and analyzing market data for better route planning and decision-making.
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Faster Competitor Price Analysis with AirGain’s API


To feed AirGain’s airfare data on competitor pricing into the airline’s system seamlessly, enabling fast, reliable, and secure data access and report generation.


An airline seeks to streamline its process of acquiring competitor pricing data for selected Origin & Destination (O&D) pairs. The goal is to feed this data directly into their system, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Manual Approach: Limitations and Inefficiencies

Traditionally, the airline’s revenue team manually gathered competitor pricing data, which involved several time-consuming steps:


Manaul Data Process

Extracting data manually via Excel spreadsheets.

Inefficient File Transfer

Uploading reports to an FTP server and then downloading them.

Manual Data Integration

Syncing these reports with their database.

These manual methods were not only inefficient but also prone to errors and delays, hindering timely and accurate pricing analysis.

API Integration Solution

AirGain’s API integration provides a robust solution for accessing competitor pricing data, allowing for seamless data transfer and integration into the airline’s system.

1. Data Request and Collection:

  • The airline sends a data request via API
  • The AirGain system runs the report for the requested O&D pairs.

2. Data Formatting and Uploading

  • The collected data is formatted into XML, Excel, CSV, or JSON files.
  • These formatted reports are received by the client’s system via API, ensuring fast and secure data transfer.

3. Quick Access to Data

The enables quick access to competitor data, significantly reducing the time spent on manual data search and analysis.

4. Analysis and Decision Making

With quick and easily accessible data, the team can quickly analyze competitor’s pricing on different routes.

Effortless & Efficient Data Flow with API

AirGain’s API feed enhances the airline’s ability to analyze competitor pricing by ensuring fast, secure data transfer and immediate access to reports. By automating data collection, formatting, and reporting, the airline can make quicker, data-driven decisions, optimizing pricing strategies and enhancing overall competitiveness.

Optimize your pricing strategy with market insights.

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