Product FAQ's

Q1. Do you also show average fares?

Users can view average fares in the fare evolution tab. This section displays the evolution of fares over a range of advance purchase days. When the user selects fare option as average fare by channel, they would be shown the average fare for the channel on the selected route for the selected departure dates when purchased x days in advance.

Q2. Do you provide a segregated view for a monthly or a weekly level comparison?

A monthly or weekly comparison is possible in the fare trends tab through the historical comparison option. Monthly comparison can be done simply by clicking on the MoM option, for weekly comparison the user can click on select shop date and select the date of the week prior.

Q3. Do you save the last searches on the UI?

The last search of the user is saved and those results are displayed when the user logs into the UI. The user can change the search parameters and search again for updated results.

Q4. Is it possible to compare direct flights with flights with stopovers?

Users can select number of stops as a filter and view only direct flights or flights with 1 stop or multiple stops. The results by default display all flights regardless of the number of stops.

Q5. Is there any limit to the number of searches?

There is no limit to the number of searches that can be done on the UI, the data populated on the UI is based on the reports scheduled by the user as part of their subscription.

Q6. Can we export the UI results in an excel format?

Yes, users can download the results in the excel format by clicking on the download option available in the tabular view of the results.

Q7. Do you display Fare Families data?

Fare families data is displayed in the tooltip wherever available.

Q8. Can we run the reports ourselves?

Yes, the user can run on-demand reports by navigating to the view reports/alerts section and creating a new report.

Q9. Can we have multiple subscribers for UI and data delivery?

Yes, we can provide multiple logins for the UI and deliver data to multiple email IDs based on the user requirement.

Q10. Is there a limit on departure date range or days to departure?

Yes, users can select a departure date range of 180 days or a maximum range of 180 days to departure.

Q11. What do you mean by RT outbound and RT inbound?

For round trip journey type from A to B, RT outbound would be the journey from A to B while RT inbound will be the journey back to A from B.

Q12. Do you have the option to preview data from previous dates in fare trends?

Yes, users can view data for shop dates up to a week prior to current date.

Q13. Can we change the colours for airlines on the UI?

Yes, users can easily set airline specific colours by navigating to account settings.

Q14.Is historical comparison done for the same travel period?

Yes, when the user does a historical comparison, it is done for the same range of departure dates. The data compared differs in terms of the shopping date and thus shows the difference in fares from a previous date to the current date.

Q15. Is there a limit to the number of shop dates that can be selected in Fare Evolution?

Yes, data is displayed from 2 months prior to current date. Users can select as shorter range of shop dates but only up to a maximum of 2 months prior to current date.

Q16. Is there any limit to the number of alerts that can be setup?

No, there is no limit to the number of alerts, users can set up as many alerts as needed.

Q17. Is there any option to delete/edit/download a report from the UI?

Users can navigate to the view reports/alerts section and view their scheduled and on demand reports. These reports can be viewed, edited and downloaded. There is no provision to delete a particular report on the UI.

Q18. Can we select range instead of LOS in the UI?

For RT journey type, users will be able to select single LOS based on available data. It is possible to enable multiple LOS selection if it’s a user need. User can connect with the AirGain team for such requests.

Q19. Does AirGain UI display data for connecting flights?

Yes, the data displayed includes all flights- direct and those with stopovers.

Q20. Is it possible to deliver reports to multiple email IDs?

Yes, a report can be delivered to multiple email IDs as per user requirement.

Q21. Is it possible to compare more than 2 airlines on a particular O&D route?

Yes, when users select cheapest by airline as fare type, the results display data for all available airlines that are operating on the O&D route, if it is available in the user’s subscription list.

Q22. How can we filter flights on the UI?

Users can select fare type as cheapest by flight if they want to view data of specific flights. This would display a pop-up with all available flights, users can select the flights for which they want to view the data.

Q23. What does β€œcheapest by channel” mean?

When a user selects fare type as cheapest by channel, the results display the cheapest fare on that channel for the given departure date.

Q24. Are OW fares half of RT fares?

No, OW fares are shopped independently and are not dependent on the RT fares. In case of RT fares, a breakup of the RT OB and RT IB fares is provided if available, otherwise the total fare is divided by 2 and displayed as RT OB and RT IB fare.

Q25. What does Schedule View represent?

Schedule View displays all the flights operating on a particular O&D route for a chosen set of departure dates. Users can filter out flights on the basis of departure time, journey duration or day of the week in this view.

Q26. How can we manage user access to the UI? Can new users be added?

Only super admins can add new users, for all other profiles users can get in touch with either their super admin or the AirGain team to manage access.

Q27. How can we change the currency on the UI?

Users can easily switch the currency by clicking on the dropdown available on the top right corner. The dropdown displays a list of all available currencies, on selecting a currency, the UI refreshes to display data in that currency.


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