Enhancing Airline Route Planning with Market Manager

Streamline the process of tracking and analyzing market data for better route planning and decision-making.
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Power Compare for Granular Airfare Insights


Empower revenue managers to reduce manual efforts in price comparison and competitor analysis across various distribution channels, and to optimize pricing strategies for increased revenue.


The airline’s revenue manager requires an effective method to compare prices across OTAs, Metas, and brand websites, aiming to optimize pricing and minimize discrepancies.

Manual Approach: Limitations and Inefficiencies

Traditionally, comparing prices involves:

Data Analyses

Analyzing this data using spreadsheets, which is time-consuming and error prone.

Data Collection

Manually recording and analyzing pricing data using spreadsheets.

Limited Insights

Limited capability to perform detailed analysis due to the manual nature of the process.

These approaches result in inefficiencies and missed opportunities for optimizing prices and complying with rate regulations.

Power Compare Solution:

AirGain offers a streamlined solution for competitive and distribution analysis, enabling airlines to view and compare prices on various channels with greater accuracy and detail.

1. Defining Parameters

  • Select departure date, journey type, and benchmark airlines.
  • Example: Compare prices for routes from New York to London, departing on 1st July, with return on 8th July.

2. Selecting Routes and Competitors

  • Compare and Analyze airfare for selected OND across various channels, including brand websites
  • Example: They aimed to compare and analyze airfares between their airline and competitors across multiple channels, including their brand website. To do so, they chose the JFK-LHR route, specified the airlines, and selected the channels for monitoring.

3. Applying Filters

For further detailed insights, you can refine your search by applying filters like airline, flight number, travel class, and more.

4. Data Visualization

View price differences for selected ONDs on different channels in both graph and tabular formats.

Streamlining Airfare Analysis for Optimal Pricing Strategies

AirGain’s Power Compare solution automates price comparison across various airline distribution channels, reducing manual effort and errors. With detailed filters and visualizations, it offers comprehensive insights into competitive airfares, empowering revenue managers to optimize pricing strategies efficiently. The solution also includes robust reporting tools for in-depth analysis and strategic decision-making, ensuring airlines can maximize revenue potential and stay competitive.

Optimize your pricing strategy with market insights.

Get 7 days of full access to AirGain Dashboard and analyze up to 5 ONDs.


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