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Be the First to Know the Market Changes with Market Sense

Our ‘Market Sense’ feature helps automate tracking of dynamic price changes. Revenue teams can configure preset alerts on customized parameters and get reports delivered right to their inbox, eliminating manual tracking of price variance. Revenue teams can set multiple alerts on various markets across various competitors.

Control Airfare Disparity with Power Compare

Our latest feature ‘Power Compare’ minimizes the revenue managers manual effort of comparing prices across subscriber OTA, competitors OTA, GDS and brand websites. The feature enables the airline and OTA revenue teams get granular airfare insights to optimize prices on their brand websites easily. Further, it shows an overview of price variance which helps airlines to reduce disparity and improve revenue.

Simplify and Accelerate Your Market Data Tracking with Market Manager

Market Manager is an innovative feature designed to streamline market data tracking on your airline’s website. It enables you to create, save, and organize markets according to your preference, thereby simplifying the analysis of multiple Origin & Destination (O&D) pairs. With this tool, you can quickly access data, reducing time spent on search and analysis, and facilitating informed decisions. Moreover, it provides flexibility for editing markets or deleting them as required. Market Manager is an efficient solution to simplify market data tracking.

Faster and Accurate Pricing Decisions with Customized and On-demand Reports

AirGain feature allows revenue managers to stay on top of the market by monitoring dynamic prices any time of the day any number of times. It enables the carriers to identify their market positions by tracking competitor airfares on preferred ONDs.

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